2018 Entrepreneurial Awards takes place March 8, 2018 at Eagle Eye – 15500 Chandler Rd, Bath Twp, MI 48808

Businesses come in all shapes, sizes; with unique missions and selling propositions. The one thing every small business has in common is their undeniable position as the lifeblood of local economy. Whether it’s a car dealership, an engineering firm, a bakery or anything in between; their work begins with an idea, a passion and the willingness to take a risk. Companies in the greater Lansing region have amazing spirit and determination to make a big impact … these characteristics hold true among those honored at the annual Greater Lansing Entrepreneurial Award Dinner.


Entrepreneur of the Year

This most coveted award sets the bar for aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs. The award encourages nominees, and all entrepreneurs, to pursue their goals and attain the level of financial success and notoriety that past recipients have achieved.

Greater Lansing Business of the Year

This award recognizes businesses that have significantly grown in recognition since their start-up days. From impact on the community to financial prosperity, this company will have overcome it all to reach accomplishments.

Emerging Entrepreneur

This category spotlights companies that have not only proven themselves successful in recent years, but have also exhibited an abundance of potential for growth.

Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

The winner of this award may not look like your typical Entrepreneur, yet they’ve managed to operate their business with the spirit and risk-taking tenacity that is so often admired in traditional entrepreneurship. The winner, or winners, are individuals who think outside the box.

Socially Responsible Entrepreneur

The private judging panel of local entrepreneurs will analyze the philanthropic activity of nominees; considering both their philanthropic activity and ways in which the company fulfills social duties. It is important that our awarded businesses make the world around us a better place.

Leadership award

This award is to be given to a leader in an established company. This could include presidents and CEOs or an individual employee that exhibits strong leadership qualities. 

Innovative Company award

This award will be given to a company that has shown tremendous foresight in providing new and innovative products, services and/or systems. This award is for organizations that have thought outside the box and continue to push barriers for a better tomorrow.